cricket bat is a specialised piece of equipment used by batsmen in the sport of cricket to hit the ball. It is usually made of willow wood. Its use is first mentioned in 1624.
450px-A modern Cricket bat (back view)

A cricket Bat

Cricket Bat Models

Main Article:Cricket Bat Models


Adidas Incurza , Adidas Libro , Adidas Pellara ,

Gray Nicolls

Gray Nicolls Dual T20 , Gray Nicolls Evo , Gray Nicolls Fusion , Gray Nicolls Ignite , Gray Nicolls Kaboom , Gray Nicolls Legend , Gray Nicolls Nitro , Gray Nicolls Oblivion , Gray Nicolls Powerbow , Gray Nicolls Predator , Gray Nicolls Quantum , Gray Nicolls Scoop , Gray Nicolls Viper , Gray Nicolls Xiphos ,

Gunn & Moore

Gunn & Moore 1885 , Gunn & Moore Epic , Gunn & Moore Flare , Gunn & Moore Flare GM+ , Gunn & Moore Halo , Gunn & Moore Icon , Gunn & Moore Icon GM+ , Gunn & Moore Luna ,


Kookaburra Kahuna , Kookaburra Recoil , Kookaburra Rogue ,


Puma Calibre , Puma Iridium , Puma Kinetic

Cricket Bat Brands

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